• Tip-Out pack #1 6 units of QTB305WT

    Quantum Storage

  • Simplified kit of QTB305 Quantum Tip-Out bins. Ideal for Dental, toy bricks, or hobby storage.

    Includes 6 - QTB305 White Tip-Out bins with bonus free screw in drywall anchors.


    Covers 24" wide by 39" high wall space if installed as a single column. 48x19.5" as two columns.

    Bin is clear allowing for high visibility of stored items

    Break resistant injection moulded plastic ensures safety of stored items

    Can be tipped open up to 45°

    Labels can be inserted on moulded-in slots located on handle

    Easily removable for access to and refilling of contents

    Exterior available in white, ivory and grey

    Cups are clear

    Optional locking rod, and steel display bracket also available

  • $249.18

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