• Specialty Wire Shelf Carts - Electronics

    Quantum Storage

  • Shelving for electronic component automated assembly SMT reels or Film reels

    Quantum Reel Shelving offers a safe and efficient method of transporting and storing standard size component reels. New reel shelves are chrome plated and can be used in conjunction with same size standard flat wire shelves. Units are available with conductive accessories providing a static safe storage system to address reel handling and providing stationary or mobile complete storage systems for PCB manufacturers.

    No. Reel Shelves (6) 78-Reel
    Dimensions 18" x 36" x 69"

    No. Reel Shelves (4) 15-Reel
    Dimensions 18" x 36" x 69"

    No. Reel Shelves (2) 15-Reel, (3) 78-Reel
    Dimensions 18" x 36" x 69"

    Quantum’s shelving mobilized! These carts can carry up to 1200 lbs. of product. The five inch polyurethane casters give the cart excellent rollability and keeps noise to a minimum.

    Chrome - Quantum's Chrome plating process deposits hard chrome over a nickel surface. This process is very durable and is used in an up-front storage or material handling application.

  • $612.67

Specialty Wire Shelf Carts - Electronics

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