• SNT200

    Quantum Storage

  • The SNT200 Genuine stack and nest tote is a highly dependable, heavy duty storage container.

    Ctn Qty. 6 (price is for one, sold only in carton qty.)

    Ctn Wt. 19 lbs

    Cap (cu ft.) 0.8

    In Dim. (A) 12-3/8"

    In Dim. (B) 17-7/8"

    In Dim. (C) 16-3/8"

    In Dim. (D) 11-1/2"

    In Dim. (E) 7-7/8"

    Out Dim. 19-1/2" x 13-1/2" x 8"


    Suitable for storage and transportation of goods

    Can store valuable items and keep them secured

    Can be ordered in three colours which are grey, blue, and red

    Different colours enable maximum efficiency and inventory control

    Can be ordered with optional lid snaps that keep stored items securely stored

    Container is designed to be stacked on other containers to save storage space

    When not in use, container can be nested into other containers 

    Optional cover  LID201 Coloured

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