• Small Wire Shelving Accessories

    Quantum Storage

  • Here's where to find all your clips, hooks, drag chains, feet.

    If you need Label holders or tags, look HERE.

    If you need Wheels look HERE.

    DB - Donut Bumpers. For above WR-00H wheels on a cart.

    DIV12-36 Dividers for wire shelving, last 2 numbers are depth or first two digits of shelf.

    ESD-DC Drag chain to ground with if you don't use conductive wheels on a cart.

    ESD-SS Split sleeves to replace stock ones that hold up wire shelving. Higher strength, Grounds shelf to post to conduct static down to wheels or grounding strap ESD-DC.

    FG Floor Glide. covers leveling bolt. sold as pack of 4

    FP Foot plate. Replaces Leveling bolt. For a more secure shelf you need to pin zinc insert inside of post also using a roll/spring pin and drill.

    KEYBD Keyboard tray 25-1/4" W x 15" D x 4-1/2" H. Chrome.

    PCL1 PCL2 Post clamps pair units together for stability.

    S-HOOK It's what's used in a 2 post Add-On kit to hang a second shelf off of the first 4 post unit. All shelves in a row must be same level to make this work.

    SCH1 SCH1-5 Meant to hold wire baskets. Use the longer ones of you want to tip the basket, or hang up a lab coat.

    WR-SP Replace plastic cap on post with a chrome one. Pack of 4

    WR-SS Plastic sleeves which are the core of the Wire Shelving system. Already included in every box of shelves, but sometimes you misplace them.

    52RT - 84RT Rod and tab sets have 3 Rods, 9 front/back and 9 side tabs per kit. the number is typically 2" shorter than the post height of the kit it's used with.

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