• DSB Shelf bin divider

    Quantum Storage

  • The DSB series divider is used in the tough, high density shelf bins to create compartments whereby the contents can be separated. SOLD IN PACKS OF 50 (unlike bins 1 is 1 pack of 50).

    Each divider fits 3 different numbered bins of varying lengths but same width.

    Ex: DSB101/103/105 fits QSB101, QSB103 and QSB105


    Coloured Black (both standard and CO variants)

    Fits tightly into bins

    Uniquely designed to allow for easy labelling via individual label slots

    Label slots allow for sorting and identification of contents

    Installed horizontally across bins

    Seven dividers can be fitted into one bin

    Used with high density bins to create compartments

    CO dividers also offer: (only order CO variant for CO bins)

    The DSB___CO conductive divider is used in conductive shelf bins to create partitions that are used to sort and separate the contents. Protects electronic components from electromagnetic interference (EMI), electrostatic or induced fields

    Surface resistivity is less than 10 Ohms-per square (can be verified with a common multi-meter)

    Material provides a barrier which fields cannot penetrate

    Conductivity will not be affected by washing with normal cleaners

    Permanently conductive

    Prevents the build-up of electrostatic charges

  • $36.80

DSB Shelf bin divider

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