• QUS235CO

    Quantum Storage

  • The QUS235CO Conductive Ultra hang and stack bin protects your electronic components from typical electromagnetic interference including electrostatic or induced fields.

    Ctn Qty. 6 (price is for one, sold only in carton qty.)

    Ctn Wt. 10 lbs

    Divider Slots: 3

    Load Bin (lbs.) 50

    In Dim. 10-1/4" x 10" x 4-3/4"

    Out Dim. 10-7/8" x 11" x 5"


    Prevents the build-up of electrostatic charges

    Bins are permanently conductive and can be washed with normal cleaners

    Moulded from a carbon filled co-polymer polypropylene

    Its surface resistivity is less than 10 Ohms - per square

    Has strong side walls and stacking ledges giving it stability and preventing bin from shifting forward

    Should always be properly grounded before use

    Available in black

    It is made from conductive polypropylene and is strong and durable


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