• QLP-1819-220-16CL

    Quantum Storage

  • The QLP-1819-220-16CL Clear-VIEW Louvered panel is a complete storage system comprising a Louvered panel with ready-to-use Clear storage bins.


    The panel is easily mounted to the surface of your choosing and the bins are, in turn, easily applied to the Louvered wall
    The bins are made with slotted label holders and a recessed handle makes for easy use
    Clear color design allows for easier product identification
    Outer Dimensions: 18"L x 19"H
    Load Capacity: 160 lbs.
    Bin Color: Clear
    Bin Dimensions: 7-3/8" x 4-1/8" x 3"

    No. Bins 16
    Load (lbs.) 175
    Dimensions Bin 7-3/8"L x 4-1/8"W x 3"H
    Out Dim. 18" x 19"

  • $142.69

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