• DL Long Grid Bin dividers

    Quantum Storage

  • The DL9x series Divider creates separate storage compartments in Dividable Grid Containers lengthwise in container (longer dividers).

    NOTE: Dividers ending in CO (black) are required for bins ending in CO to maintain conductive properties. They provide no advantage to coloured Grid bins. If bin is red, blue, grey or clear - order standard (grey) dividers.


    QTY1 = PACK OF 6

    To be used with the Dividable Grid Container of same number
    ex: DG93060 uses DL93060 (long) and DS93060 (short)

    Dividers allow for individual customization of storage space

    Stored items are still visible and protected from dust

    Allows complete access to all stored items

    Containers can be divided by length and/or width

    Allows for the subdivision of 1-1/8" or multiples of (except for ends, they're typically smaller)

    For CO (black) models only:

    Has surface resistivity of less than 10 Ohms per-square

    Dividers are moulded, carbon-filled, and are made from co-polymer polypropylene


  • $16.72

DL Long Grid Bin dividers

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