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Why are number of bins in a box not matched to how many can fit on a shelf?

A: Way too complicated and costly to manufacture multiple cartons of same bin , surplus bins can be used elsewhere. There will be custom kits added as time allows, but each colour is a new part number adding 6x the number of products listed.

Why is the shipping weight so high compared to Mfg. specs.?

A: Dimensional weight - it's because parcel carriers calculate weight as 1 CuFT = 10lb. For example, a box 12"x12"x12"=1728 Cubic inches or 1 Cubic Foot, determined by carrier to be typically 10lb. Most Stacking bins are 90% air by volume, Nesting bins like shelf bins have lower shipping cost per bin.

Parlez vous Francais?

A; En peut, mais non.